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Uattend Time and Attendance Software

October 16, 2010


We are happy to add Uattend software to our suite of Time and Attendance software packages as of October 2010

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Workforce Automation

January 16, 2012

We are happy to announce we are now offering a complete line of workforce automation products from door access, Time and Attendance,HR software, Payroll Processing and asset management.


                   August 2012 News:





August 2,2012

In an ongoing effort to to improve our service to you our customers we are happy to announce we have partnered with IES (Integrated Employer Solutions of Connecticut)

To bring our customers a completely integrated HR, Time and Attendance and Payroll Solution. Please feel free to contact us for a free evaluation and information on our new offering.


If You find a better price we will do our best to beat that price

We carry a complete line of Wireless Break Buzzers and controllers, Other model available upon request please call if you do not see what you are looking for. If this is what you are looking for give us a call so that we can configure the system to your exact requirements.




 VS4500- Compact Wireless Paging Controller

  Item Name: Compact Wireless Paging Controller

Item Price:
Call for Pricing
Item SKU: VS4500

The wireless alerts can be initiated by the user from the VS4500 numeric keypad, the optional telephone interface or the optional microphone. Automated alerts can be initiated by serial communication protocols, the optional pre-programmed tone/bell event schedule or the wireless push button and sensor interface.

The VS4500 is fully expandable, allowing you to start with a basic system that fits immediate requirements while maintaining the ability to add future devices.

The sunrise/sunset remote switch control can set facility lights to on or off according to day light hours in order to provide efficient energy saving.

Key Features:
  • Wireless Public Address Messaging
  • Instant Audible and/or Silent Visual Alerts
  • Facility-Wide Wireless Time Synchronization
  • Automatic Day Light Savings Time Adjustment
  • Alphanumeric Messaging to Pagers and Wireless LED Displays
  • Monitors Wireless Push Buttons and Sensors for Instant Personnel Notification
  • Sunrise/Sunset Remote Switch Activation
  •  Improves Response Time During Emergencies
  • Requires Minimal Training with Easy Installation
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    VNS2200 Wireless Audio/Visual

      Item Name: VNS2200 Wireless Audio/Visual Controller
    Item Price: Call for Pricing
    Item SKU: VNS2200

    Wireless Audio/Visual Controller

    Key Features:

     • Weather-Resistant Enclosure

     NFPA-72 (2010) Compliant

     Drives One or Two PA Speakers

     Controls One or Two Synchronized Strobe Lights

     Pre-Programmed and User-Programmable Voice Messages and Alert Tones

     Interface to Building Fire Alarm and PA Systems*

     Two-Way Intercom Station Communication*

     Power Failure Protection with Backup Battery*

      • Eco-Friendly Solar Power*


     The VNS2200 Wireless Audio/Visual Controller is designed to control and activate remote devices such as public address speakers, strobe lights, sirens, intercom wall stations and more.

    The VNS2200 supports 8 activation codes (ID's) for individual activation or membership activation in up to 7 separate groups. Creating groups provides the ability to activate multiple devices using a single transmission from a main wireless paging controller, such as the VS4500, VS4810 or VNS5100.

    The VNS2200 is capable of playing audio through one or two connected speakers. The audio could be pre-recorded or live voice messages from a main paging controller, or custom audio files stored in the VNS2200's memory which are optimal for unique alerts or pre-determined emergency voice messaging.

    The VNS2261 intercom option allows the VNS2200 to provide two-way communication between a main paging controller and an intercom wall station or emergency call box.

    For NFPA-72 compliance and easy maintenance, the VNS2200, with the VNS2254 option, offers full wireless supervision from the main paging controller. This provides the system administrator with a detailed functionality status of each installed VNS2200 device (requires VNS5100).

    With the VNS2252 option, the VNS2200 provides internal battery power backup for reliable operation during power failure.

    The VNS2200 can control a single speaker. With the VNS2281 option, an additional second speaker can be controlled.

    The VNS2200 can control one or two strobe lights (or other 12V DC controlled devices) when equipped with the VNS2282 option.

    When equipped with the VNS2284 option, the VNS2200 provides dry contact closure and line level audio output for the activation of third party PA or fire alarm interfaces.

    The VNS2264 ambient noise sensor option gives the VNS2200 the unique ability to automatically adjust the level of its voice messages and alerts to match the surrounding environment. For example, the ambient noise sensor would lower the volume of messages and alerts in an empty room, but would raise the volume when the room is crowded and noisy.

    The VNS2256 solar panel option offers an Eco-friendly power source.

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    VNS2084 - Public Address Horn Speaker

      Item Name:

    VNS2084 - Public Address Horn Speaker

    Item Price: Call for Pricing
    Item SKU: VNS2084

    VNS2084 - Public Address Horn Speaker


    The VNS2084 Public Address Horn Speaker is designed to provide intelligible voice paging and tone signaling for indoor and outdoor bell and public address system applications.

    The VNS2084 is controlled by the VNS2200 wireless audio/visual controller. This makes it an ideal solution for applications where a hard-wired speaker is impractical, or when a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative solution is required when being compared to traditional wired PA systems.

    The VNS2084 includes a mounting bracket.

    Key Features:
  •   Weatherproof Design for Indoor and Outdoor Installations

     Up to 30W Continuous Power

     Lightweight, Sealed, Aluminum Enclosure

     Double Re-Entrant Horn with Compression Driver

     Swivel-Mount Bracket

     Speaker Cable can Extend Up to 150' from Controller

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