HandPunch 1000

HandPunch 1000 Hand Recognition Time Clock

There are no cards to create, administer, carry or lose—the HandPunch 1000 is a biometric time clock using hand geometry technology.


For most situations when the security and accuracy of biometric time and attendance is desired, Qqest highly recommends our proven fingerprint technology based systems (the Velocity 800 and 850 and IQ1000). However, in those environments where dirt and grease are a major factor, hand geometry may be a better fit. With this in mind, we have added the Recognition Systems HandPunch biometric products to our time clock line-up. This time clock recognizes the shape of your hand as your time card.

Among the features of the HandPunch 1000:

  • Biometric Input

    Absolutely accurate, our biometric systems completely eliminate buddy punching.

Full Features:

Hardware Features

  • Red/green light indicator
  • Text Display

Input Options

  • Hand Geometry Technology : Recognizing you by the shape of your hand.
  • Biometric Input : Absolutely accurate, no buddy-punching


  • Integrates seamlessly with TimeForce
  • Eliminates buddy punching

Connection Options

  • Modem
  • RS-232 communications cable